Family Relationship Dynamics is here to help parents to be positive role models, create resilient families and nurture our future leaders so they thrive in these extraordinary times that we live. 

These families and young people, in turn, will inspire others around them, so that together we build communities that make a positive impact on our world.

Early formative influences play an important role in shaping a life – Dr John Demartini

What we do

We offer coaching, NOT therapy. We don’t look for what is wrong or broken, instead we bring out what is magnificent in each family member by providing greater understanding to create stronger harmony, love and resilience. Family Relationship Dynamics will inspire you to build powerful and resilient families not just to survive, but to thrive.

Modern families are experiencing unprecedented change

Modern families
The changes that will occur in the next five to ten years are going to challenge each of us and create enormous pressures.  Over 40% of today’s jobs will disappear due to disruptive technologies. Young people are training for careers in sectors that will change beyond recognition.  The way we handle finances will be vastly different.  Families will continue to disperse nationally and globally. Healthcare changes will impact the lives of young and old alike, we are already seeing huge increase in both physical and mental health issues.

What happens when relationships stop being nurtured?

Is your family resilient enough to handle the pressures?

Who do we work with

Our coaching is designed to make a positive difference, whether to the family as a whole, individuals, couples or young people who are starting their life’s journey.  We help you to understand each other better and create a strong family unit that will last a lifetime

The Family Unit

Appreciating the uniqueness, strengths and challenges of your family to allow the deeping of lasting bonds  and transform your family’s life


Couples & Individuals

Addressing specific areas to empower and create more of what you want to be as both an individual and couple to find your magnificence


Teenage behaviour problems

Young People

Providing guidance to know who you really are, your natural talents and how to make choices that will serve you throughout their life


Ways to raise resilience levels

Family Dynamics

Understand Natural Drivers

Our natural personalities, our driving values, our needs and our love languages all contribute to our identity…..Read More

Discover Family Character

Family bonds may last a lifetime, but family happiness can be elusive. Many families lack a loving connection or are a source of negativity…..Read More

Be an Effective Parent

Modern parenting is complex. Accepting it’s not about quantity but quality parenting helps to relieve the guilt that most parents suffer…..Read More

Family community projects ideas

Contribute to Community

Strong and connected families are also committed to causes greater than themselves.  Contribution generates huge emotional rewards …..Read More

Embrace Change

The speed of change is increasing and causing more disconnect within families as the younger generations are embracing it and talking a different language to parents…..Read More

Being a role model

Create Leaders and Role Models

The world needs good leaders and role models.  The best way to do this is to be a good leader and role model for your family and the best you can possible you can be…..Read More

Here is a unique suite of services and products that will make a difference to the future of your young people, yourselves or your family

Families we have helped

Thanks Gillian! We feel blessed to meet you. Your many years of knowledge and expertise has been truly valuable to my family relationship. You didn’t just offer us solutions, you gave voice to silent ones too. Your supports have been very insightful. Thank you, you have shown us a better way to connect. We are growing stronger because of your amazing mind.  Thank you on behalf of our family.

Monica and Tony

Crawley UK

What an amazing experience for our family. Gill was both warm and informative and able to make sense of our whole family dynamic.  She made each of us, especially the kids, feel ‘special’ with personal attention, insights and advice. Now we truly understand each other. We feel closer as a family after the session and have some good, practical ideas for our next steps.

Vanda and Daniel

Canberra, Australia

The course we attended was life changing for us.  Our relationship is better, Dennis is now far more comfortable in his role as stepfather.  Implementing the financial strategies has made major differences in how we manage our money. We found the understanding of our love languages to be extremely helpful.  Looking at ourselves as individually & as a couple was the best thing we did.

Dennis and Gantuya

Washington, USA

 I wouldn’t hesitate in employing the services of Gill to profile my family or team, and am doing so. Don’t just read your profile, have Gill drill down with you, and those you live and work with. The insights and benefits are quite extraordinary. Gill is a woman of great integrity and insight, and has a clear passion for this work. She is inspirational, lives her passion, and shines a bright light.

Bee Rowan

Blackpool, UK

Key Partners and Collaborators

Family Relationship Dynamics uses many world-renowned tools and techniques in unique ways.  We are certified to work with best-of-breed partners to bring you the best services we can.

Giving Back

Each time we at LOVE2LAST complete a speaking or training event, conduct a Family Impact or coach a family through our Excel-erate program we love to make a positive difference to others somewhere in the world.  This is why we are LIFETIME members of an amazing and authentic organisation called B1G1 – Buy1Give1.  With B1G1 we can be positive that 100% of our giving goes directly to our selected charities. See below the projects we support.