Want to know how to build a resilient family but don’t know how?  Here are 30 ideas that you can build into your day-to-day life.  Don’t think that you can do them all at once though, pick 5 to start with, then add one per week.  In 6 months you will be amazed at the difference you will see in your family’s relationships.

  1. Create processes and systems (eco and coping)
  2. Nurturing and caring actions and authentic words
  3. See the world through your children’s eyes
  4. Provide plenty of physical touch, showing them love with all your heart
  5. Educate, coach, mentor and engender a thirst for knowledge e.g. reading and research
  6. Focus on health and well being
  7. Ensure you exhibit emotion, trust and positive reinforcement & discipline – no yelling
  8. Provide the core morals and traits e.g. integrity, trust, respect, dignity, compassion etc.
  9. Be a role model for your children e.g. love towards each over, reliable, trustworthy & all things in moderation e.g. alcohol and eating
  10. Provide challenges to tackle which helps them face their fears and encourage positive outcomes
  11. Encourage them, support them & be there, get involved in their lives in a positive way
  12. Be adaptive to change
  13. Hold celebrations, follow traditions and provide a sense of belonging to something
  14. Provide quality times where you are ‘present’ (everyone put their phones away)
  15. Have a positive and optimistic attitude and maintain perspective
  16. Teach them how to have gratitude and see the positive in anything that feels ‘bad’
  17. Carry out effective communication and include resilience in everyday language
  18. Hold respectful and light-hearted family meetings, and let everyone have their say
  19. Conduct good financial management and encourage children to do so from an early age
  20. Show them a great work ethic, but have work time, me time and us time
  21. Appreciate the uniqueness and values of each individual member of the family
  22. Demonstrate flexibility and a concillary nature
  23. Provide strong and fair leadership, but not autocratic or dictatorial – operate strengths based parenting
  24. Maintain a risk management approach to life
  25. Perform good time management, routines, structure and organisation
  26. Include fun and adventure into family time
  27. Have a sense of purpose, set goals, intentions and direction
  28. Encourage a belief in something bigger than themselves, nurture their souls
  29. Seek first to understand, then be understood, implement empathic listening, acceptance and making peace where necessary
  30. Teach collaboration rather than competition, especially amongst siblings

The family’s ability to cultivate strengths to positively meet the challenges of life and to excel and thrive are directly related to how resiient and connected you are as a family.  Once you have these connections of love and care you will be sn inspiration to others.