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Family Relationship Dynamics


Who are we?

Relationship Dynamics is part of the Love2Last group who are  a niche organisation dedicated to creating strong resilient modern families that are equipped to thrive and create lifelong connections that inspire those around them.. What sets us apart is that we specifically focus on modern families (in whatever form that takes)  at both the individual and collective families level.  We especially support families of professionals where both parents have extreme time pressures and responsibilities.  The main products we offer are detailed in the programs section.  Relationship Dynamics is located in both the United Kingdom and Australia, but has a global focus and performs much of its coaching on-line.

Our Mission

Our mission is to reach families around the world who want to understand and grow their own magnificence.  We cannot do that alone so we offer training to practitioners who want to add family relationship coaching to the suite of products they offer.  Rather than ‘reinvent the wheel’ we provide these practitioners with the world class tool, techniques and services that we have spent over 25 years defining.  Practitioner training is offered both on-line and through workshops.

Core Principles

The core principle behind Family Relationship Dynamics is that in today’s world both adults and young people are struggling to know how to handle the level of change due to the extraordinary times that we live.  We enable individuals and families to better understand themselves and where they want to be, we then give you the steps to get there.

Tools and Resources

Using some of the best & world renowned proven tools that deliver known results, we combine them in a unique way that works for families.  This includes assessments, learning tools, mentoring, but above all through deliberate experiential activities.

“It’s about finding the family character and soul and creating a love that will last a lifetime and a legacy for future generations”


About Love2Last

Love2Last is the brainchild and passion of Gillian Andale and has been in operation since 2012.

To have a family that is strong and resilient takes hard work, tough decisions, open communication and a whole lot of love.  That is why we are called  A LOVE TO LAST.

Partnering with experts in their related fields, Love2Last works directly with couples & families, as well as provides tools and training to practitioners who want to apply our unique strategies.


About Gillian Andale

Gillian has been in training for her role as owner of Love2Last all her life.  A fulfilling professional career allowed her to live and work across five continents experiencing many cultures, in addition, she has been studying human behaviour for over 17 years. However, when she remarried in 2007 creating a blended family of six children, she realised that the tools used in her work were just as applicable in a family environment. Now alternating her time between UK & Australia, Gillian is dedicated to assisting couples and families to build extraordinary lives.

Our Team

Gillian Andale

Steve Baxendale

Kathryn Upshall