Individuals and Couples

Knowing You

This module explores each person’s own profile, character traits and personality style. It is also where love languages and driving (core) values are identified and explored. It is crucial that everyone understands their strengths, gifts, and values as well as how to use this information to navigate their journey to follow their own natural flow.

IgnitionTM Overview

This module is only relevant if the young people in the family are signed up for the Ignition program. It explains the objectives of Ignition for young people and how it give them the core inner confidence of knowing who they are and what they offer to the world, there are twelve modules that are explained to parents so they can support their young people through the exciting journey they will take to discover themselves.

Awesome Us

This module starts with ensuring that each of you understand your true identity, who you are, your beliefs and what serves you.  We also cover the identity of the family, what you all stand for and what type of parents and family do you want to be known as?  This includes identifying what the family values are.

Strong Partnerships

This module focuses solely on the relationship between the adults and how you can effectively lead your family.  Without a strong and resilient partnership it is impossible to create a resilient family.  Therefore we focus on providing principles and tools to support happy, loving and lasting relationships.

Keys to Letting Go

This module allows you to identify the keys to any baggage you have been dragging along on your journey so far, and provides opportunities to leave behind that which does not serve you.  If appropriate, additional tools and techniques will be recommended and referrals made.

Do what you Love

This module introduces the adults to the Wealth Spectrum© a progressive solution for growing your wealth and business.  As many adults are moving to new careers after raising their children, this is the perfect module for exploring how your natural personality and talents can give you the direction that you might need.


Family Unit

Spirit and Soul

This module explores the ‘character’ of the family, this is the essence that creates a loving bond between individuals and acts as a magnetic focus that connects and strengthens the relationships between you.  The family character is like the soul of the family, it nurtures and supports us through a lifetime and includes rituals, stories, experiences, memories and values.  We also cover the three principles of mind, thought and consciousness that create our reality.

Parenting for Resilience

This module looks at good parenting principles and what needs to be in place to engender resilience and support the whole family.  It addresses some of the key areas that most parents have challenges and provides strategies for overcoming the disconnect experienced by many.  This module’s intention is to build strong and lasting relationships between the parents and children.

Great Communication

The way we communicate to our children and with the whole family has changed with the advent of the social media, smart phones and other electronic devices.  Yet there seems to be more barriers not less.  In this module we address how to communicate effectively by knowing what works best for each individual within the family.  We also cover empathic listening and non-verbal communication.

Goals & Finances

One of the biggest stressors in most families is money, which goes hand in glove with goals.  This module starts with values-based financial planning and provides various strategies (depending on what fits best) for managing money and setting goals for the individual & for the family as a whole.

Wellness and Health

This module addresses physical, mental and spiritual health, which are all required to develop resilience.  Looking after ourselves, and our family is an imperative so we explore principles on how to achieve a level of wellness that will support them into adulthood.  We also look at the key causes of mental health issues in both adults and young people

Our Legacy

This final module is to understand that we never stop growing, and neither does the family.  This introduces you to the Family Maturity Model© which has been developed to guide families through the stages of maturity and growth.  The Family Maturity Model is not another ‘course’ it is a dynamic set of projects and activities that the family can select and complete together to continue to build a loving, caring and socially responsible family unit.

Specialist Subjects

Blended Families

This module is applicable if there are step parents and step siblings within the family unit.  There are some key ‘hurdles’ that if not navigated well will cause stress and strife, it will also have a serious impact on the relationship between the adults.  Think of it as merging two companies together, there are different values, rules, goals and traditions.  We can assist in accelerating the process of loving integration.

Living with Disabilities

A member of the family with a disability or is incapacitated can cause untold stress on the rest of the family.  Whilst there may not be resentment there may be times when parents have to be absent or provide a disproportionate amount of time caring for the individual.  Having clear strategies to safeguard the well-being of all family members is paramount and this module looks at ways to support the family as a whole.