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Coaching for Adults

Somewhere along the way many of us seem to abandon our dreams and the magnificent (and sometimes unrealistic) life we planned for ourselves when we were starting our adult life.  The buying of a home (mortgage), the career choices (financial needs) and the arrival of children (responsibility) can all lead us off track.  Yet we know somewhere inside there is our real self trying to get out.  That is where Love2Last can be the coach that you need.

Whilst Family Relationship Dynamics is focused on the family, individuals make up the family.  There is no doubt that the adults are the leaders and as such are the role models and educators.  It is up to them whether they provide positive or negative lessons for their young people.

Therefore we offer a number of products and services that are aimed at both individuals and couple.  These include:

  • Relationship coaching for a strong foundation (communication, handling differences, shared goals & practical strategies for day-to-day living
  • Personality assessments for business owners and careers
  • Values determinations (identifying the key value drivers of your life
  • Love languages for adults, young people, children and business teams
  • Identity and self confidence
  • Apology languages for adults
  • Core principles for fulfilling relationships
  • Seven heartbreakers that destroy relationships
  • Second chances – new beginnings for second unions or reigniting marriages

Excel-erate is exclusive to Love2Last and its accredited coaches and trainers.  It is the combination of 20+ years of study and practical life experiences, drawing using the very best tools and techniques available.

Why should young people have all the fun and why do we still perpetuate that once we become adults we have it all figured out!  It is never too late to start your own journey, whether individually or as a couple.

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Incorporating the seven relationship principles into your daily life will change the course of your relationship.  We show you how with practical steps by step actions.

The seven principles are:

  • Really get to know each other
  • Nurture & feed your relationship
  • Be equal partners
  • No such thing as constructive critcism
  • Resolvable vs perpetual issues
  • Always kiss & make up
  • Create a shared vision

What causes relationships to fail

Relationships don’t just breakdown it is actions and events (usually external) that are the causes  Many couples will separate, other will remain co-habiting but have lost  what makes an intimate relationship  great.

80% of breakdowns are caused by seven similar reasons: children, finances, chores, intimacy,wider family, destinies & ambitions and addictions & behaviours.  By applying the strategies we teach you how to have a love to last a lifetime.

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Second chances is for anyone who are in a new or renewed committed relationship and may also have a blended family to contend with.

There may be a lot of baggage that needs to be left behind.  Bringing two lives together is like merging two companies.  There are different values, rules, traditions, processes and strategies that need to be aligned.  Now is the time to create new ones that work for both, we will show you how this can happen effectively.

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