Thriving together

Working Together as a Family

Creating Harmony


The Institution of Families

The institution of family has been with us as long as people have walked the earth.  However, family happiness and bonding is sometimes elusive.  They say you can choose your friends but not your family isn’t completely true.  ‘Family’ can consist of any number of scenarios and certainly doesn’t need to be blood.  People living away from their families will form bonds with those closest to them, business teams feel like family and children without parents will be part of a family, no matter where they live.

The ‘Family’ is one of the greatest influences on how we have all grown up.  It is not always a good experience or have happy memories, however we did learn something that has made us stronger and more resilient.  However, this does not need to be left to chance and certainly can be sculptured to be a rewarding and deeply rewarding experience by all those involved.

Investing in your Family

Parents want the best for their children and most want to improve on their own upbringing, whether it is more love, more direction, more education or just the ability to achieve more.  There doesn’t have to be any problems or lack to want to reach the next level.

The power to forge amazing family relationships across the generations is within our grasp, these may not be traditional family connections, but a kaleidoscope of loving and caring interactions that create a place to call ‘home’.  This is the family character or ‘soul’ and is one of mankind’s greatest (and sometimes elusive pursuits.

The Roles of the Family

The ‘family has many roles, whether it is functional, emotional or spiritual.  All are needed to create well rounded and congruent members.  If this balance of family dynamics can be reached an energy, love and warmth will always draw its members back for celebrations, security and renewal.

Love2Last’s family relationship Dynamics has been developed to guide families to achieve this balance and state of harmony.  Nothing happens by accident, if you focus on doing a few things well you will create a silver thread that will always lead your family in the right direction.

The Wider Family

One of the biggest stressors people have to deal with is disapproving family members, especially in-laws.  Ideally a committed relationship unites two families, with everybody feeling equally loved and accepted,.  However, it is not often the case.  Each family has its own values, rules, traditions, beliefs and just simply different ways that things are ‘done’.  This is multiplied tenfold if it is a blended family situations where households have matured more.

Whilst new family members are initially welcomed with open arms (usually), cracks can appear pretty early and negative thoughts start to creep in and then can spread within the extended family. There is often a feeling that nothing they can be done and therefore it goes on for years of these dreaded visits, put down comments, steely silence or worse still fights in front of the children.

This can be overcome once there is a recognition of the different personalities in families and what the highest or driving values are i.e. what is really important to each family member (especially the in-laws!).  In truth, only a few key things will matter and if you can identify and nail them, the rest is plain sailing.

Unite as a couple in their common purpose,  learn what actually happens during family visits, so you know what they’re up against. Third: give the couple a counter-strategy they can use during family events. These strategies are non-confrontational and fun and yet they, should we say, “strongly encourage” the in-laws to behave.

One of the best places to start to really change the dynamics of your family relationships is by having an unpack session.  This focuses on the uniqueness and magnificence of each family member and discovers how you can better understand each other. This includes  family support that is customised and provides how to parent or partner each personality within the family.


You may be thinking about starting a family or you may have your hands full with an active and challenging family or You may be highly successful but want to cultivate world leaders.  Wherever you are you need to know where you are and where you want to go before seeking direction. The Family Maturity Model shows you where your family is right now – and the relevant steps to build resilience, connection and a contribution to the world we live in.



Want to have a ‘once in a life time’ experience as a family.  Why not consider joining us for a family retreat and community help experience. We’re planning some amazing adventures, as well as the opportunity to really bond and learn more about each other.  Test your ability to work together against other families.  The highlight will be working together as a group to make a difference for a local under-privileged community and change peoples lives.

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Families don’t just have to be blood relationships.  They can also be your business team.  The ability to develop high performing teams and provide good leadership should never be under-estimated.  The impact you will have on your team’s lives, as well as the profits of your business should never be under-estimated.  Love2Last partners with Team Dynamics to provide ‘best of breed solutions


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