About the Family Maturity Model

The Family Maturity Model© was born when we realised that just understanding each other better, connecting and improving communication was not enough.  There needed to be a roadmap for the family vehicle to follow.

To create resilient children, first you need resilient carers as role models, who can climb each step and then brings their family with them.

There is a level 0 (Grey) but that is for dysfunctional or crisis families.  These families need highly developed interventions that are not part of Love2Last Families curriculum.

At no time do we substitute for trained professionals in mental health or psychological services, nor intervention services where dysfunctional, addictive or abusive behaviours are present.

Family Maturity Model Overview

Family building blocks

Separate modules for each level are provided that suggest specific actions, exercises and learnings to help both individuals and the family as a whole to progress through the various stages.  These actions are normally of a ‘hands on\ nature that families work through together, and especially provide projects that will benefit the community and align with the UN Global Goals.

UN Global Goals

There are also suggested fun activities, even organised overseas trips and inspiring event that families can take where the outcome will have a lasting impact on all those involved.

Example of Famous Families on the Family Maturity Model*

Building resilience

Disclaimer – The allocation of families to levels is not performed from a scientific or formal assessment basis, it is based on our own research and analysis.

The Family Maturity Model is still being fully developed.  However, anyone interested in finding out more can email support@familyrelationshipdynamics.com and we will be in contact with you