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Coaching for Young People

Selecting a Pathway

When working with families we recognise that young people need their own pathway to identify who they are and to find their own magnificence. The journey begins for them by completing a short quiz that provides them with insights into how they are likely to show up in the world.  From there a tailored program can be put together that addresses only those areas that they would like to persue.  This will be separate to any modules that are completed by the adult members of the family, who will be introduced to Excel-erateHowever Excel-erate does include a number of activities for the whole family to participate in to create special bonds and appreciation of the family they belong to.


Love2Last families is an accredited Travel Guide (Coach) for the ground breaking young people’s coaching program called Ignition*.  In our opinion this is the best and most comprehensive program available for young people.  For this reason we have not created our own program and love to work with young people through the Ignition (up to 12) modules.

You can find out more about Ignition by clicking on the link HERE 

*Ignition is owned by Back on Track People Ltd. and created by TeeJay Dowe, with coaches and trainers accredited across the globe.  Its mission is to ensure that young people leave education and other programs with high self-worth and a core inner confidence, knowing who they are and what they offer to the world, with a clear direction for their future and a vision for how they can make a difference to relationships and in the world around them.

Ignition is designed to be used by young people in three distinct age groups.

• 5-8 years, we embed the seeds of self-worth, self-esteem, confidence and natural talents.

• 9 -16 years, we take it up a notch as they go through those tricky high school years of hormones and options!

• 17-25 years, we support them as they navigate the transition from education to employment.

Outcomes for Young People

Young people enjoy an opportunity to explore their identity, discover their natural gifts and talents, learn how to become confident and comfortable in their own skin and to communicate who they are in a way that feels good to them – not underselling themselves through false modesty or a fear of sounding arrogant. Ignition! does this by allowing them to:

• Discover what makes them unique including their mix of fuel, the spark that will give them energy and light them up.

• Understand their own profile, character traits and personality style.

• Get an insight into how and why the people around them are different and how this can be used to appreciate people vs be in conflict with them.

• Know their own natural gifts and strengths as well as their challenges.

• Appreciate where they will be most trusted in roles.

• Understand flow and know how to apply this to get the best results from themselves and the people around them.

• Understand the best roles in life, in teams and in the workplace for them.

• Discover how they lead best and when.

• Discover the value they bring to a team and where they will feel most valued.

• Appreciate what drives their own and other people’s behaviour in both good and not so good ways.

• Understand the power of questions and how best to use them.

• Improve their communication with others.

• Boost their levels of confidence and self-worth.

• Know how they learn best and apply this to any subject, homework strategy or revision program.

• Gain vision and direction for themselves.

• And more!

If you know a young person who would benefit from this truly AMAZING program, please contact us and we would LOVE to set up a time to have an initial chat with them.

DON’T wait to help your young people learn the tools to create an amazing life.

 You may also be interested in DOWNLOADING a brochure on Ignition HERE.