Overview of Unpacking the Family Relationships

“The greatest gift anyone can receive is knowing who they truly are at their core.  Once you embrace your strengths, gifts and innate value you become unstoppable when life challenges you, because you know beyond doubt your own worth and what you contribute to the world”

TeeJay Dowe – Creator of Ignition

The journey begins for families when they truly start to understand and appreciate who they are as individuals, how their naturally interact with other family members, colleagues, teachers and friends and what their strengths and challenges are.

Utilising a powerful assessment tool; together we will explore possibilities.  Individuals receive a 2 page summary report that shows their personal mix of energies which creates their unique personality.

Everyone has their own journey to make, take and create for themselves and in order to get where they really want to be they need to discover who they are, what their natural strengths and weaknesses are that will help or hinder them on their path. They also need to know where they want to go and it is so much easier to set the destination once they have a clear picture of who they are

Understanding this provides the happiest, most fulfilling way to reach their full potential and to find their path of least resistance.  It also tells them how they are likely to show up in the world, what they are naturally talented at, what will challenge them, what they will find easy and what they might find hard.

Family members will be given the option of a private conversation or with the whole family sharing to further explore each person’s strengths, talents, gifts and personality.

Once the individual personalities are known, a further set of reports are prepared that are unique to the family.  For the adults it contains insights into how to better understand the partners based on their assessment.  It also contains specific guidelines on how to parent each child based on their personality.

Family RelationshipsThe family sharing session is designed to facilitate discussion and exploration of this new found knowledge and how the family as a whole will now use it to better understand each other and support each other.  Previous conflicts and frustrations can be resolved and practical applications proposed that reflect the different personalities in the family.

The session will also look forwards as to how this knowledge can be applied in the future in areas such as: family rules, individual goals, career choices, study subject selection, distribution of roles and duties.  It is also an opportunity to plan regular activities that suits each personality and creates more connection within the family.

The session will conclude with an outline of options available to both adults and young people to provide support for further personal growth.  These option are obligation free and are for consideration only.

If you would like to learn more please email: support@familyrelationshipdynamics.com and we will be happy to contact you to arrange a complimentary initial discovery session