Excerpts from an Interview with Gillian Andale

What challenges are families facing in the 21st century?

Abundance of choices, financial and work pressures and the rapid pace of change, all seem to be causing anxiety to the modern family, whether they are nuclear, blended or something else.

This is not helped by our media and their negative conditioning. No one seems to have enough time and everyone is stressed. On top of this, there are more marriage breakdowns, single parenting, and isolation.

What could be attributed to these challenges?

There are many reasons & unfortunately, the statistics are still continuing to rise in areas such as kids turning to drugs and teen suicides. This is affecting everyone and is most prevalent in the more affluent families.

Where does Love2Last and Family Relationship Dynamics fit in?

We strongly believe that an effective modern family unit, in whatever form it takes, is still the best vehicle to reverse these trends. When asked most people still have family in the top 5 of their values Creating a resilient and strong family doesn’t happen by chance though, and this is where we come in.

How do you go about assisting families?

We first focus on the individual and shows them who they are and what makes them tick, where their magnificence lies and where their challenges are. We then look at the family’s profile as a whole and help them to see where the communication issues, differing perspectives, driving needs an underlying view of the world is.

This highlights where they are most likely to clash or have frustrations with each other. The goal is to introduce more tolerance, less judgment and appreciate each family member for who they naturally are.

Then working with the adults through the Excel-erate program we give them a deeper understanding of themselves and their relationships. Excel-erate gives them practical coaching in a range of areas that collectively will create more harmony and resilience. This is explained HERE

For the young people, we introduce them to the ignition program operated by BackonTrack Teens. As registered consultants, we take them through a number of modules that establishes a strong foundation for their future. This is explained further HERE.

Bringing the family back together we introduce them to the Family Maturity Model which identifies where families are right now and then provides fun and practical steps to move them to the next level and so on. No rung is the wrong rung, however, families who are struggling with putting food on the table are not going to be very interested in trying to save the whales.

Why does this approach work?

All families at some point have loss or pain hit them, how they emerge and grow is determined by how resilient they are. The key to building this resilience is three-fold:

  • Each family member being confident in who they are, knowing their identity and who and what they want to be
  • Having a clear, practical, open and unambiguous approach to family life that has a foundation of tolerance, care, compassion and most of all love
  • Understanding the collective family character, knowing what the soul of the family is and how to maintain it so it is a safe haven for all family members and a place where all are welcome.

This has been proven to me many times, of course from my own experiences, but also by the amazing families I meet.

So why do you do what you do?

We want to inspire people to build powerful and resilient families, so they can learn how to thrive in these extraordinary times that we live in, and by doing that inspire others around them, so that together we build communities that make a positive impact on our world.